05 Nov

A Fresh Start! And PTU 1.05 News

Hi everyone! This is castfromhp, and you’re reading the first post of the official Pokémon Tabletop United blog. Here, we’ll offer you a glimpse into the development of the system, ideas and content for your campaigns, and much more.

Let’s start by talking about PTU 1.05. Several months have passed since our last release – longer than the gap between any other PTU releases. Why, you might ask? After 1.04 was done, we all took a much-needed break from actively working on the system and thought we could wait a while as the typo reports and other feedback rolled in before getting back into the swing of things.

Once we did, we realized 1.05 wouldn’t be as simple an update as just fixing some typos and copy-paste mistakes. Several of the Trainer Classes introduced in 1.04 needed revision, some core subsystems are seeing tweaks, and we had assembled a small backlog of new Classes we wanted to finish and implement. And that’s just the start of it! Naturally, this means the release has taken a lot more time than we anticipated, and we’re sorry to anyone who thought they’d be getting a quick turnaround on a new version of PTU.

That said, here’s at three things to look forward to in the next version of PTU.

1. Visual Redesigns

Both The Blessed and the Damned and the Game of Throhs supplement will be getting visual redesigns to bring them up to par with the core book and Do Porygon Dream of Mareep supplement. Take a look at the new The Blessed and the Damned cover as well as the WIP internal layout of the book!

Blessed and Damned Cover
Blessed and Damned Layout
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15 Mar

PTU 1.04

PTU 1.04 dropped a month ago, and I didn’t even mention it! How silly of me.

I’ve updated the menu on the left to link to the latest version, but you can also get it here. Older versions, of course, can still be found on the Portal page for the forums.

11 Feb

Under New Management

Hello, everyone! I’m Elemental Knight. You might recognize me from my work in homebrewing up spreadsheets for the Pokemon Tabletop games, or as the GM of a long-running campaign under those same systems.

For a while now, the main PokemonTabletop site has laid fallow – unupdated, and only marginally functional. I’ve convinced the previous administrator, Blazedd, to allow me to take up the reins. This means I can keep it updated, functional, and accessible, with more ease and speed than I previously was.

The forums should still be accessible through the forums.PokemonTabletop.com subdomain, so for most folks, this changeover should be unnoticed. But over the coming weeks, I intend to turn this website from a simple landing page into a hub of Pokemon Tabletop resources and information… Or, at least, a more correct landing page. Until then, though, continue using the forums site as your primary source for all things Pokemon Tabletop.